Ruhama Baptist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020
Building God's Kingdom Together

Pastor's Corner

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     So much has been written and said about the subject of purpose in the last several years that I hesitate to mention it in my little column. I don't intend to try and reinvent the wheel here, since others who are infinitely more gifted than myself have contributed so much to our understanding of purpose. However, a reminder about our purpose as Christians is absolutely essential to my own personal spiritual well-being. I suspect that may be true in your life, as well.
  Webster defines purpose as the reason for which something exists or something one intends to do. For the Christian, both definitions are inseparable. Our purpose is both our reason for existence and our mission in life. The following is the best definition for purpose that I can imagine, for any individual believer, for any local church, for any religious organization, and for the kingdom of God as a whole:

Our purpose is to glorify God by making more and better disciples.

  God created us in order that we may glorify Him. If I do not glorify God, I cannot justify my existence in His creation. By the way, when we use the term "glorify God" we do not mean that we bestow glory on God. He already possesses all glory and all other perfections to an infinite degree.  We mean that we acknowledge His glory and that our words and actions cause others to be aware of His glory as well. Lift up His holy Name, and render Him the praise He so richly deserves!
  The means by which we glorify God are twofold:
1. Make more disciples. Bring other people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by practicing evangelism and ministry in our homes, jobs, schools, churches, communities, and throughout the world.
2. Make better disciples. Become more effective disciples, and help others to do the same through fellowship, teaching, ministry and other spiritual gifts. Spend time in prayer, read your Bible, and take full part in the life of your local church.
  If you don't have a church home, come and fulfill God's purpose in your life through the ministries of Ruhama Baptist Church. If you do have a church home, focus on God's purpose and be involved. It's easy to lose sight of our reason for existence and allow the urgent demands of life to overshadow our purpose for living.
God bless,
Chris Murdock